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Save Them from the Darkness

So an event is going to take place where a cloud of darkness and nightmares will effect anyone in it's vicinity. Corrupting anyone effected by the cloud to have the darkest of thoughts.

After this takes place, the corruption will slowly turn this person if they have a strong heart, into a Caligino . A monster created because of this decent into darkness. Think of it as this world's version of Kingdom Hearts Heartless creatures.

These characters are going to be saved by bringers of light magic and keyblade masters. Once light reaches their hearts and their memories are triggered by someone they know close and dearly. They'll be back to normal.

Do note: The corruption takes a slow while after the darkness enters the character's heart, so them slowly turning into Caligino while happen. After the fog. If you have any questions about this or other things, feel free to ask.

SO! If you'd like to volunteer your character to become a Caligino or a Light Savior, post it here!
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It's event time! This is the sign-ups and plotting post for the marathon I mentioned in this plurk.

Basically, the good city of Birchpointe is putting on a marathon across the city to raise charitable funds. Every entrant pays a fee and receives a number, and any volunteers or watchers are encouraged to donate to the charities involved. From there, it's just going from Point A to Point B, and seeing where you come in!

Placement's going to use an RNG system. Every character entered will be randomly rolled and throughout the OOC days of the event, placements will be listed in a top-level. From there you're free to comment and describe how your character got to where they are, whether they dropped from last time or have surged up in the pack. The first place winner will receive a prize from the city. But just because there's a race aspect doesn't mean you have to worry about that! The thing is all in good fun, of course, and there's plenty of walkers at any marathon.
I'm also gonna note that, of course, there's going to be WAY more people in the marathon than just our characters. It's a city event after all~ So feel free to assume any NPC interaction that you want as well, including water handlers, other racers, and the like.

-ICly, the marathon will take place on June 19th.
-OOCly the event will run from June 19-23. Tagging, as usual, will go on into infinity/as long as it needs to, but the placements will be posted PER DAY and then can be tagged out at your leisure from there.
-We can also pretend that in Birchpointe this marathon was announced in early spring so people have had time to get in some training >.>
-Sign-ups for runners will remain open until JUNE 18th. This will let me get the first placements ready. Sign-ups for volunteers will remain open until the event, since there's no number aspect there.
-You do NOT have to be a Runner or a Volunteer to take part, either! There's going to be plenty of opportunity for top-leveling for people just watching the race and cheering on their friends.
-I'm also gonna note that, of course, there's going to be WAY more people in the marathon than just our characters. It's a city event after all~ So feel free to assume any NPC interaction that you want as well, including water handlers, other racers, and the like.

There will also be NO evil involvement in this event. That means nothing from the Steel Thorn, Order of Albion, or even Chaotic interruptions. It's being guarded much like the winter village is, so anyone in it can have a good time. Of course, mischief is perfectly okay >.> X3

Feel free to plot things out anywhere on this post, under your own top-levels or otherwise! And I think that's about it! If you have any questions feel free to ask them below and otherwise, plot away!
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Iiiiit's event time, kids! And this time we have


....what. They're the PB for the journal so why not shut up.

Ahem. Anyway! Roughly a month or now (that's "middle of September", though might even be towards the end) there will be a dangerous event spreading throughout Birchpointe. Chaotics have been a problem slowly encroaching on the barriers of the city, and it's time that everything comes to a head.

There's going to be hundreds of Chaotics barreling down on the good people of the city, and guess what? It's up to YOU to help take care of it! At least, until the super special secret ending goes off.

This is the planning post for this event, where you can drop your characters and say what they might be doing (fighting, hiding, helping people get out, etcetc) or if they'd even be in Birchpointe at all. There's also a short FAQ below, and of course you're more than welcome to ask more specific questions. I have no idea how to end this post so I'm just gonna let the questionry take over.

So wait, WHAT?
Chaotics! Lots of them. Hundreds of them. They're going to break in from the forests near Birchpointe and swarm the streets, the buildings, basically any outside portion of the city. There's going to be very few that make it inside, though. Wonder why?

How will this be handled?
It's up to player discretion, really! The Chaotic account here will be in threads but you're also more than welcome to NPC fights, Chaotic reactions, etcetc. Just remember: They're vicious chimeric monsters that are like aggro'd animals 24/7. If you'd like a reminder on Chaotics, what they are and how they act, here is an infopost all about them.

What do I do with this post?
You can leave any and all characters you plan on having be part of the event (by no means is anyone required to be part of it), what you think they might be doing, and anyone they could be involved with. Talk amongst yourselves, plot, go crazy! Whatever you need to do here, brosis.

Do I have to fight?
Absolutely not! You can find a place to hide, concentrate on healing or getting other people to safety, or anything else your heart desires. Your character doesn't even have to be in Birchpointe at the time. There's going to be extensive news coverage so they can definitely hear about it/keep track through media sources.

What about death?
No PCs will be killed unless you choose to, don't worry. All deaths will be nameless citizen NPCs, though considering buildings will be safe, even that shouldn't be as much as you may think.

What about this super special secret ending?

How long will this last?
ICly, one day. OOCly, as long as it needs to (so, it's backtag friendly!)

When will this happen?
Both ICly and OOCly in the middle or end of September. Basically it counts on what my schedule will look like; I'll make a more firm announcement on both the comm here and plurk.

I have more questions!
I have answers!

CR Meme

May. 29th, 2015 01:28 am
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Iiiiiiit's CR Meme time! Post yourself, tag around to other people, and get some really good plotting going. If you'd like to post your characters in separate comments, that's totally okay; the code's setup for a single comment since a few of us... have quite a bit more than one character >>; It's up to you, though!

Just go nuts, have fun, and get yourself some new tagging out of it!
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Log format! By unanimous opinion at least from anyone that added one. You can find the code below, which will be added to a sticky post at the main comm until I get the sidebar going.

Anyone who wants to add it to their posts already up is more than free too, and of course this is a suggestion, not a requirement. Overall this is to help place posts on a general timeline, note open posts easier, all that good stuff.

Just lemme know if you have any questions or concerns~
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So, Zumi here! And I've got something I want some opinions on, while posts in the new comm are still fairly small in number.

Post-wise, Demons doesn't really have a linear timeline, and beyond descriptions in the post itself or OOC notes, or even trying to straighten it out on Plurk or in IMs, it can be hard to keep track of. So what I'm thinking of is a log format-type thing to be added to the top of every post; think of what [community profile] cosmographia's got.

This doesn't mean we have to figure out dates, or months, or anything like that. "Mid-spring" or "A week after [event]" can do, just basic stuff to have a little order in posts that are done out of order. It can help us keep track at a glance of when a post happened, who was in it, and this can also help call attention to open posts which, even when we were over on Blackjack, tended to go unnoticed.

The coding will be put in the sidebar when I edit in all our ref links or, if for some reason the current comm style won't allow that or I fail too much at CSS to put it in, it'll go in a sticky at the top of the community itself. In a textarea for easy copy/paste, of course. And at the moment I'm thinking basic stuff like this for example:

WHO: Raven and Yang
WHERE: The south side of Birchpointe
WHEN: A month after the masquerade
WARNINGS: Feels and fighting

If this is decided to go ahead, it can be retroactively added to the past posts, or just on ones going forward; it's up to the poster, really!

Alright, so that's my idea. Lemme know what you think, make comments and suggestions etc, and thanks ahead of time for weighing in!

(As a final note I'm also implementing [character name] tagging systems like we had at Blackjack, just to help keep track of things)
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Hey guys, this is Wolfie! Those of you who have me on plurk know who I am, and kinda know that I've got something in store (but I've been rather tight-lipped on what the something is), but for those who don't, we'll give a run down.

In addition to being one of the players around these parts, I do a lot of the NPC'ing and some of the plot stuff, and in this particular instance the plot stuff includes a "twist ending" for the demon parade event! Which I realized belatedly is something that people who do not have me on plurk would not know. Which would mess up planning for after the parade. Which is bad. I am a derp. The past few weeks really haven't been going all too well for me RL, and I focused more on the event planning itself than the ending planning.

Also we never quite figured out when I should post the thing. Or how you all want me to post the thing. SO UH. YEAH. Tell me how do?
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This is... several months late, but! May I present the dedicated community for Demons.exe! The OOC comm. The actual community is over at [community profile] aworldforusall.

More or less. There's still some info posts I wanna make but those of us who'll be using this comm at the outset will pretty much know Demons already? So, yes. Feel free to make all your posts over there, use this comm for planning and whatever else you want to, and have fun~


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